NautiCloud SK with embedded Signal K lets you see your boat data from anywhere.

Welcome to NautiCloud.

Welcome to NautiCloud.

Welcome to NautiCloud. Welcome to NautiCloud. Welcome to NautiCloud.

We make devices that make your WiFi better. Onboard, At Home, On Vacation, WhereEver.

NautiCloud means Convenience

Would you spend more time onboard relaxing if you had an easy to install, high-power wifi solution for your yacht? 

Get better offboard and onboard wireless connections for you, your family and friends, and your boat. Most devices that you want to use with wifi connections (iPad, iPhone, laptop, notebook, camera) have antennas that are designed to be used in close proximity to the access point (within 300' (100 meters)). On board a boat or when you are further away from the access point that need doesn’t change. So you are stuck with either unreliable connectivity or the need to remain close to the access point. We know you are not a networking or computer expert. That's why we built NautiCloud. 

The NautiCloud offers you LAN connectivity for any number of wifi-enabled devices and, with its offboard connection engine, knows how to seamlessly connect to nearby wifi networks for you unattended. In areas where open wifi networks are unavailable, the easy-to-use software allows you select any network within range to which you want to connect. With NautiCloud, you know the wireless landscape where ever you go and use that knowledge for better, less-expensive internet connectivity and more bandwidth.  

Now with integrated Signal K

The newest NautiCloud devices include the NMEA-supported open marine data standard. With a NautiCloud SK on your boat, get onboard access to sensor data from any device. When your NautiCloud SK has its offboard WiFi link active and connected, get nauticloud-connected remote access from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. This completely changes the nature of secure remote boat monitoring and eliminates the hassle of switching WiFi networks just to get boosted internet access.

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